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Organic Alexa
Earth Day Event

Learn with Alexa how to adapt these methods to suit your specific needs and maximize composting success!

Organic Alexa


Educational Composting Workshops

Location & Time April 21st, 2-4PM
Garden Spa & Himalayan Salt Room
Traverse City, MI
Host Organic Alexa
Instagram organic.alexa

Organic Alexa provides a fun & educational composting workshops, like the Earth Day event at the Garden Spa & Himalayan Salt Room in Traverse City, Michigan.

There, Alexa discussed the multitudes of benefits that composting offers, from soil regeneration to improved human and environmental health. She covered essential composting basics, giving participants the ability to dive into into soil ecosystems and explore the fascinating world of microorganisms that enable the process.

Check out Alexa's website, where she demonstrates her 3-step at-home composting system, featuring bokashi composting, static (cold) composting, and vermicomposting techniques.

Alexa will have Bokashi Bran avalable for purchase at the event as the microorganisms are essential to enhancing the composting process & improving soil fertility!

Alexa is the Director of Cultivation at Hypha, where their team applies regenerative techniques to cultivate high quality, medicinal, cannabis in Michigan. Additionally, she's co-founder of Camp Compost, a regenerative event situated in Central Lake Michigan.