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Bokashi Bran
Bokashi Bran
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Bokashi Bran - 1.5lb - Great for composting & gardening

Bokashi Bran - 1.5lb - Grow healthier plants

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This is our smaller bag size of Bokashi Bran. Looking for a larger bag? Check out our 3lb bags of Bokashi Bran.

Looking to boost the health of your plants and improve your soil?

Made with all-natural ingredients, Bokashi Bran is perfect for gardeners of all types! It helps to cycle nutrients & increase soil fertility. In addition, unlock indoor composting, Bokashi style! Our 1.5# bag is a great way to get started!

About Bokashi Bran

  • Perfect for indoor Bokashi composting
  • Keep your cannabis plants healthy and thriving
  • Use Bokashi Bran to reduce odors around pets and animals
  • A natural way to keep your plants healthy
  • Soil amendment that unlocks nutrient cycling
  • Use to make Bokashi mudballs. Throw in stagnant waters!

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  • Compost Quickly and Easily with Bokashi.

    Turn your food waste into a natural fertilizer for your garden with Bokashi's special microbial blend. Get the most out of your soil in the least amount of time. Ferment food waste quickly, easily, and odor-free with Bokashi Bran.

    Unlock the potential of your Soil

    Experience incredible composting results with Bokashi Bran, reducing food waste and enriching your soil to create healthier plants and flowers.

    Unlock the Potential of Your Cannabis Plants.

    Keep your plants healthy and thriving with Bokashi Bran. Get the most out of your plants with the best soil amendment available. Unlock the potential of your cannabis plants with Bokashi Bran. Get bigger yields and bigger buds with Bokashi Bran.

    Making Soil

    "Hey, so I decided to make my own soil for growing herbs and veggies. I mixed together 3 gallons of coco coir, worm castings, and grass clippings. I also added one cup of bokashi. Then I thoroughly mixed it all together in a black plastic bag. I tightly sealed the bag and stored it in a dark room temperature place for about a month. The result was amazing! The soil was a beautiful light color and it was so rich and full of minerals and good microbes. It's the perfect organic soil. I really recommend giving it a try yourself. It's so easy and rewarding to make your own nutrient-dense soil."
    Soil Grower

    All sorts of uses!

    So I got a recommendation to use this product for my composting toilet. It's supposed to help with both the composting process and controlling odors. And it really works great! You only need a tiny amount too. Overall it's a really good product for the job.
  • Weight 681 gr.
    Length 25 cm
    Height 33 cm
    Width 13 cm
    Product Weight 1.5 lbs
    Ingredients Wheat Bran, Molasses, Essential Microorganisms
    Ships from Michigan
    Packaging Stand up resealable packaging
    Product Care Keep in dry, cool place. Shelf life 1 year.
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  • How much should I use?

    Refer to our How to use Bokashi Bran link for application amounts. A little goes a long ways!

    Can I used this for Bokashi Composting too?

    Yes! Bokashi Bran works well for Bokashi Composting as well as for unlocking the potential of your soil as a soil amendment.

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