"What do I do with the fermented bokashi food scraps?" Here's a few tips to get you going

You did it!

You worked so hard! You maintained your food scrap bucket and lightly applied Bokashi Bran as you added new material.

Now you have an amazing bucket of fermenty goodness. What to do with this newfound gold?

Once you've finished working with your Bokashi compost, the end product will still look like the scraps you added.

The food scraps don't disappear - but the anaerobic microorganisms have broken it down into a great food source for the microbes in soil.

This gives those tiny organisms a chance to create humus, dark, rich, beautiful soil.

Bury it!

To properly bury the bucket contents, one should select a location at least 12” from any plant roots.

Dig a hole or trench about 18” deep, mix the dirt and pre-compost together thoroughly and sprinkle some water to moisten.

The hole should be filled with the mixed contents, then covered with 6"-8" of soil and mulch.

The time it takes for the contents to decompose can vary depending on soil temperature, usually taking 3-6 months.

Add to compost pile

Creating a compost pile is an effective way to recycle organic material.

The pile should include a nitrogen source such as fermented material, dead leaves, shredded paper, or other carbonaceous materials.

Bokashi compost can be now added to an anerobic compost pile for added benefit.

To be successful, the pile now needs to be aerated and moistened according to the climate.

Feed your worms

Fermented pre-compost needs to be finished before it can be fed to your composting worms.

To do this, mix a carbon source such as straw or shredded paper with the pre-compost, cover it, and let it sit for a few days.

This will help to reduce the pH so that it can be used as food for worms.

Revitalize your potting soil

Potting soil left over from last summer's porch plants can be revitalized through a process of mixing with pre-compost in a bucket or tub, moistening, and loosely covering.

An ideal ratio of 1 part Bokashi to 2 parts soils should be used.

After several weeks, the end result is a revitalized potting medium.