Unlock the potential of your lawn

The microbes in Bokashi Bran convert organic matter into food for the grass, build the soil, and help it to become more drought resistant.

This low cost and sustainable method will give you lush green grass all year round.

Protect & Grow

The primary ingredients of Bokashi Bran detoxify and enrich the topsoils—increasing plant growth, yield, shelf-life & nutritional quality. It also reduces weed & herbivore insect growth and eliminates the need for toxic chemicals.

Applying Bokashi Bran boosts photosynthesis & increases a plant's ability to withstand natural disasters while remedying harmful substances like heavy metals.

Moreover, this microbial activity increases soil temperature in colder regions while improving water usage efficiency.

How to use Bokashi Bran on Lawns

  • Prepare a compost tea, incorporating 10% Bokashi Bran. Can be applied in many methods: a hose-end sprayer, backpack sprayer, or inject it into your irrigation system.
  • Spray approximately every 10 days during the active growing season.
  • Use a mulching mower to chop and redeposit grass clippings
  • Spray tea onto turf after mowing
  • Tea helps grass clippings rapidly break down into stable organic matter for the soil