Enhance the health of your soil and grow the best cannabis with a sustainable, soil-enriching composting system!

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Grow Healthy, Happy Cannabis Plants.

Up your nutrient game with Bokashi Bran for healthy, vibrant soil and plants.

Not only does it provide essential nutrients, but Bokashi Bran also helps improve cannabis flavor, color and yield. It's the perfect way to give your plants a boost, and can be used in conjunction with other methods like organic fertilizers or hydroponics.

If you're a cannabis gardener, then adding Bokashi Bran to your arsenal is a must.

Keep your cannabis plants healthy and thriving

Bokashi Bran is perfect for cannabis growers of all types!

It helps to cycle nutrients & increase fertility, making it valuable for indoor or outdoor growers.

Unlock the potential of your soil!

Bokashi Bran is made with all-natural ingredients, which helps to unlock the potential of your soil.

By boosting the health of your cannabis plants, you'll see an increase in yields and a improvement in the quality of your soil.

Happy cannabis plants

Bokashi Bran is perfect for keeping your cannabis plants healthy and thriving.

With improved plant vigor and bud structure, you'll have happier, healthier plants.

Bokashi Bran is also great for outdoor growers, as it helps to keep the soil healthy and fertile.

Unlock the potential of your soil!

When growing cannabis, it's important to use soil that is healthy and happy. Bokashi Bran can help on both fronts. Bokashi Bran is an organic composting method that uses beneficial microorganisms to break down organic matter. When added to soil, Bokashi Bran can unlock the potential of the biology that is already present.

But how do you add it to soil? It depends on the what you're trying to accomplish. If you're building or amending soil, you can amend your soil with Bokashi Bran. This will provide the soil with the necessary keys to do unlock its potential.

If you've started Bokashi Composting, you can take the composted material and bury bokashi compost in the soil. You can either do this before or after planting, but it's recommended to this ahead of time for the best results.

Boost plant health

If you're a cannabis gardener, you know that plant health is key to getting the most out of your buds. And Bokashi Bran can help you do just that.

Adding 1-2 cups of Bokashi Bran to your grow medium will introduce beneficial microorganisms into your garden. These same microorganisms help to ferment food waste and break down organic matter, which will in turn improve the health of your plants.

You can also mix Bokashi Bran into water and use it as a foliar spray. This will help to improve the photosynthesis process and increase the yield of your plants! To get started, simply add Bokashi Bran to your grow medium or foliar spray. You'll be amazed at the difference it makes in the health of your plants!

Bokashi Bran for Cannabis plant health