You can do this - how to make your own Bokashi Bran

We don't want to act like we have a magic secret bokashi product.

Bokashi is meant to be simple. The principles of Bokashi should not be hidden behind patents and corporate obscurity.

The real benefits of Bokashi will be found when you discover the beauty in its simplicity.

DIY Bokashi Bran - Supplies you'll need

Simply, to make Bokashi Bran (a fermented food source for the microbes), the principles are:

A food source - we use Wheat Bran, which is a nutrient rich, carbohydrate packed waste stream. Our wheat bran is sourced from a Michigan wheat farmer.

Fun fact: This year, we're growing test wheat bran patches of Organic Winter Wheat at our Central Lake, MI field testing area.

A sugar source - we use Blackstrap Molasses. Molasses is a wonderful sugar source. Making it on your own? Use what's local and accessible. That might include other alternatives such as: maple syrup, brown sugar

Happy microbes - we use a mix of Essential Microorganisms. Making it on your own? Teraganix carries EM-1, which we recommend for getting started making your own easily.

LAB. One of the primary components our mix of essential microorganisms is LAB, or Lactobacillus Bacteria. Here's a great video on making your own LAB

Alternately, if you're familiar with Korean Natural Farming or KNF, think thru the IMO process, specifically the IMO3 - IMO4 steps. Happy healthy indigenous microbes would excel in helping break down organic matter.

Water - use local water. We're going to mix our sugar source, our happy microbes, and water together.

We'll apply this wet mix (molasses, essential microorganism, water) to our dry food source (wheat bran). We want the material mixed to "field capacity"

Time - After mixing materials, we need to allow the mixed material time to get consumed by the essential microorganisms. In other words, the material needs to get fermented, or colonized & consumed.

The end product after time, is a fermenty smelling wet Bokashi Bran that's ready to apply!

Mix wet & dry materials until field capacity is achieved
Mixing wet and dry materials to make bokashi bran
mixing molasses & water

Not quite ready to DIY? We're here to help!

Get a kick start with our Bokashi Bran, and once you're ready to try to make your own, you'll know what to do!