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Taking Your Gardening Game to the Next Level with Bokashi Bran

Bokashi Bran is a 100% natural product that helps gardeners achieve their goals by increasing the health and vitality of their plants. Bokashi Bran contains a variety of microorganisms that are essential for plant growth, including bacteria, yeast, and fungi.

What Is Bokashi Bran?

Bokashi Bran is a combination of anaerobic microbes that ferment rather than decompose waste. What this means for you as a gardener is that Bokashi Bran helps to increase the diversity and balance of microorganisms in your soil, which in turn, helps to accelerate decomposition and composting. Bokashi Bran is comprised of Wheat Bran, Molasses, and a blend of essential microorganisms.

The primary components of Bokashi Bran are also non-toxic and don't harm the environment, which is why it's a popular choice for organic gardeners who want to take their gardening game to the next level.

Benefits of Using Bokashi Bran in the Garden

You've probably heard of essential microorganisms, or even the term Probiotics by now. Essential microorganisms (aka Probiotics) are essentially a naturally derived product that consists of beneficial, non-pathogenic microbes. As a component of Bokashi Bran, these microbes are activated to help restore soil diversity and balance, which in turn improves plant health and yield.

Bokashi Bran is also safe to use around pets and children, making it a great choice for organic gardeners. It's also non-toxic, so you don't have to worry about any adverse effects on the environment. If you're looking to take your gardening game to the next level, then Bokashi Bran is a product worth considering.

How to Use Bokashi Bran in the Garden

Bokashi Bran contains beneficial microorganisms that can be used in the garden in three ways: as a foliar spray, soil treatment, or even seed treatment.

When used as a foliar spray, Bokashi Bran promotes healthy soil, plant growth, and seed germination. It also increases the beneficial bacteria and yeasts in the soil, which helps to break down organic matter and make nutrients available to the plants.

When used as a soil treatment, Bokashi Bran helps to control harmful pathogens and pests while promoting the growth of beneficial microorganisms. It also helps to loosen compacted soils, improve soil aeration, and increase water retention.

When used as a seed treatment, Bokashi Bran helps to protect seeds from rot and mildew, increase germination rates, and promote healthy plant growth.

Is Bokashi Bran Safe to Use in the Garden?

Of course, you might be wondering if Bokashi Bran is a safe product to use in your garden. Well, the good news is that Bokashi Bran is a totally natural product made up of anaerobic microbes that are specially picked and specifically combined in commercial quantities to create this beneficial product. That's right— some of the primary components of Bokashi Bran are versions of LABS (lactic acid bacteria), which has been used and studied for centuries.

Not only is Bokashi Bran safe to use in the garden, it's actually beneficial! It helps increase plant health and yield, improves soil fertility and reduces the amount of fertilizer needed. In addition, using Bokashi Bran helps reduce the occurrence of root rot and soil diseases, as well as helps break down organic materials into accessibly nutrients for plants.

Using Bokashi Bran can help you take your gardening game up a notch—so consider giving it a try!


  • Is Bokashi Bran easy to use?

    Absolutely! Even kids have no problem applying Bokashi Bran. Our product is fermented, then dried to a shelf stable product. You can apply it directly to the soil as is. You can also try combining it with your preferred soil amendments for an extra dose of beneficial microbes.

  • Does Bokashi Bran have any negative effects on my plants?

    Not at all! Instead, Bokashi Bran helps your plants grow healthier and more robust, and increases yield by up to 40%.

  • How often should I use Bokashi Bran in my garden?

    For best results, we recommend applying every 2 months in order to keep the soil’s microbial population healthy. You can even add it along with your regular fertilizer routine!


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