Bokashi = Happy Soil & Healthy Plants

As we come to better understand that soil, the world beneath our feet is a living ecosystem, we want to do what we can to help it thrive.

There's a better way to grow: without using chemicals or synthetic nutrients. There's a different way to compost: indoor, anerobic "bokashi" composting.

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Break down your food scraps quickly & naturally!

Create a nutrient-rich soil with Bokashi composting. Ferment food waste quickly, easily, and odor-free with Bokashi Bran.

Harness the power of natural bacteria and microbes

Bokashi Bran is an easy way to compost food waste and give your soil a nutrient-rich boost! Get started now and watch your garden come to life.

Ferment your scraps in just days, rather than weeks or months

Turn your food waste into a natural fertilizer for your garden with Bokashi Bran's special microbial blend. Get the most out of your soil in the least amount of time.

Try it today!

Indoor composting? Limited space? Bokashi Bran can help. Bokashi uses a benefical microbial community to quickly and safely breakdown organic materials. This nutrient cycling process is one way nature creates soil fertility.

Encourage healthy soil growth.

Using Bokashi Bran as an input to your composting methods is an excellent way to encourage healthy soil growth. What has been a time proven technique used in Asia and Europe is starting to make its way into the United States. Many home growers are learning about the benefits of adding Bokashi Bran to their existing grow routines with great success.

Useful for all types of gardeners!

Shelf stable and easy to use
Bokashi Bran is shelf stable and easy to use, making it perfect for gardeners of all types. Whether you're a novice or a pro, Bokashi Bran will help you unlock the potential of your soil!
Keep your cannabis plants healthy and thriving
Bokashi Bran is perfect for indoor composting, and helps to cycle nutrients and increase fertility. This makes it valuable for indoor cannabis gardening, where you need to be especially careful about the health of your plants.
Reduce odors around pets and animals
Bokashi Bran is a natural way to keep your plants healthy and reduce the amount of odors around pets and animals. The microbes in Bokashi Bran outcompete odor and putrifying bacteria while helping to break down animals wastes into valuable compost. If you're looking for an all-natural way to keep your plants healthy and your home smelling good, Bokashi Bran is the perfect choice!

What is Bokashi?

Bokashi Bran can be made a variety of ways. Our mixture of organic materials and naturally occuring microorganisms help to accelerate the decomposition process.

Common Bokashi Bran uses:

1) Fertilizer

Seed Starter: Did you know you can sprinkle Bokashi Bran over your seed starts? Bokashi Bran is all natural and uses the same biology thats in your gut.

Soil Conditioner: Farmers building their own craft soil blends add Bokashi Bran to their soil mix to increase soil fertility and plant health.

Top Dress: No-till - JADAM - KNF - Organic farmers topdressing dry nutrients and or compost use Bokashi Bran to speed up nutrient cycling allowing established plants to get the nutrition they need.

2) Composting:

Indoor Composting: Safely manage a "compost system" indoors when using Bokashi Bran. A simple 5 gallon bucket setup, sealed lid, and Bokashi Bran is all you need to get started. Food scraps that would otherwise go to a landfill can now be used to add nutrition back into your soil. As food scraps go into the bucket a sprinkle of Bokashi is all you need to start the fermentaion process.

Once your bucket is full the contents can be add to existing compost pile, or trenched into the soil to finish the compost process.

3) Pets & Animals:

Bokashi Bran can be added to animal bedding, chicken coops, manure piles, ect to mitigate unpleasant odors and accelerate the waste decomposition.

How do I use Bokashi Bran?

Looking to boost the health of your plants and improve your soil? Look no further than Bokashi Bran.

  • Indoor composting
  • Apply to potted houseplants for plant vigor and growth
  • Use when transplanting all types of plants
  • Soil building & amending
  • Top dressing
  • Improve vigor of lawn
  • Reduce odors and smells